"HORIZON" Seventh Day Slumber Lyric Film

A little word about THIS FILM:

So Horizon started out completely different! So much so that the only thing from the original video that stayed was the animation of the lyrics and the patterns they followed. We had a direction to go and it simply wasn’t working, so after Rev 1 rendered and our team played it back, we said “back to the drawing board.” We’ve found that if you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’re bound to repeat them.

When we started from scratch we really took the film back to the song concept. How do you illustrate a horizon? A unique way to tell a story that really drives home the thoughts of the song itself? A trip to trusty Hobby Lobby found us the perfect prop to build our story around. With some rigging that would make our grandpas proud, we attached the biplane to the drone and dropped it out and in front of the camera gimbal. Then we flew the little biplane high into the sky and were elated with how well this practical effect came together!

Working with kids is never easy, but Jayden really nailed this one after a few takes. Transitioning him to adult as Nate Perkins, was rather easy as we were blessed with the two looking pretty similar!

Overall a great concept matched with the perfect song brought this piece together and we couldn’t be more happy with it!



Director: Joel Burris

Man:  Nate Perkins

Boy:  Jayden Biddle

Camera A: Joel Burris

Grip:  Austin Lavoie

Editor: Joel Burris