"TRAVESTY" Theody Live Performance Film

A little word about THIS FILM:

So fun little note about these guys. Charles Kinder. It's hard to miss this guy, he's the tall intimidating fellow with the glasses, beard and tossed hair. My first encounter with Theody wasn't with Theody - it was with Charles, and I didn't even know it. A year or so ago we did a live performance film for Chaotic Resemblance's "Riot Anthem" and about the 3:01 mark the vocalist practically shoves a GoPro in this guy's face. That guy is Beauty and Beastly photographer, Charles Kinder. At the time I thought to myself while editing, "oh hey that's neat. That guy's gonna feel cool being in a band's video." Flash forward 8 months and I get a message letting me know that Theody would like me to do a video and they were amused at their cameo in that live video. 

Well since then I've grown to be fond of the entire band family and created some great friendships. Though the lights were definitely not in our favor on this one, we gave it a whirl and produced a kick-butt video for the Theody guys and gal. Here's the thing about the drummer. Dude's whack. He's cool with me saying that because, well it's true. A big fun-lovin' guy with Super Mario-esq facial features, a baby blue ball cap and print shorts so short that it would make a 1970's basketball player squirm-that's Chad. That was my first introduction. 

The rest of the gang was super cool as well. Isaac the guitarist, had to leave before everyone else to make the long drive home overnight. That tells me he's a stud muffin and his performance in this film should back me up on that. Lauren is a sweetheart and commands the stage like a freakin' lion tamer. Somewhere I got a shot of her shaking her finger at Charles on stage and him sheepishly walking off. 120fps made that moment epic. Plus she doubles as the merch girl, which naturally gets her out of the driving duties, as they explain in this episode of Bus Invaders. 

Overall, this was an immensely fun shoot at the inaugural year of Chains Unchained Fest in Aurora, MO. There were a ton of great bands, and I mean this without any bias - sincerely - they were one of my favorite acts of the entire festival. Here's to you Chad and Charles who bravely fought the onslaught of bees outside the venue - 4 minutes after playing and drenched in sweat. Rock'n'roll baby. 





Director: Joel Burris

Camera A: Joel Burris

Camera B: Nate Perkins

Camera C: Asher Perkins

Camera D: James Harper

Editor: Joel Burris