"YOU KNOW" After Grace Music Video

A little word about THIS FILM:

This shoot capped off a crazy 3 music videos in 3 days stretch for us…and everyone felt it. At the 3:30AM wrap time, the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced was being exhausted doing something I love and still wanting to keep going.

I first approached the Morningside School of Media folks about this location to see if we’d be able to use it. I walked away with the location confirmed, and a crew to work with! This gorgeous location is nestled in the hills and backroads of Blue Eye, MO on the Jim Bakker Show’s property. Showcasing the night’s depth we had 4 giant windows framing out the band who stood in a long hall glowing with chandeliers. I wanted to visually capture the darkness that we always feel creeping up behind us. With the help of Nate Perkins, we achieved that with a simple backlight from the extreme sides in the 6500K color range. This gave us the black and blue feeling of our past. Inside we had the golden tones popping to show the rich warmness that we have, leaning on the knowledge that God has us where he wants us. “He Knows”

A great project, shot on a great night with friends. Fueled by lots of sweet tea, we produced this visually fun music video for After Grace on their Burtonwood Records debut EP, You Know.


Graciously taken by the students of Morningside School of Media




Producer: Joel Burris

Director: Joel Burris

AD: Austin Lavoie

DOP: Nate Perkins

Camera A: Joel Burris

Camera B: Austin Lavoie

PA: Asher Perkins

BTS CAMERA: Victoria Wolf, Landon Martinez, Brooke Brielle

Editor: Joel Burris

Graphics: Joel Burris