"WOLVES" The Persuaded Music Video

A little word about THIS FILM:

Late nights, torches, ponds, 25 degree temps, and cow pies. What do these all have in common? They are things we braved to shoot the music video for the single “Wolves” by The Persuaded. When Joseph Rojas from Rockfest Records contacted me about potentially doing a music video for these guys, I was all ears. When the band is open to ideas regarding the video, I sometimes like to just stay super close to the imagery or thoughts behind the song itself.

Wolves is a great track filled with great angst.

Lots of ideas were thrown around but I pitched one that Joseph immediately fell in love with. Little Red (as the character was nicknamed) was portrayed by the spectacular Adrienne Beacco. Even though its never said in the video, my thought process was what happens to Little Red Riding Hood after she’s eaten by the wolf? Well she’s scared. She wears a mask. She is out seeking to do to everyone else what happened to her. Why? Because she’s in pain. Lyrically the song is written from a standpoint of someone who’s been hurt and telling the person who hurt them to, “run with the wolves like you always do.” Often times when we are going to let go of a toxic person in our lives, we think about what we would say to them prior. So to illustrate that we see Josh (henceforth called “Honea” hoe-nee) is searching through the woods, rather timidly, almost afraid of the encounter. At the same time Little Red is out searching for Honea to do what she does best, stab people in the back.


Graciously taken by Adrienne Beacco

This wasn’t the original way the video was supposed to play out. Originally we were going to have Little Red stab Honea in the back, with shots of the knife insert, and blood and such. Then Honea would remove the knife, the blood would re-enter his body and the video would end with Little Red coughing up blood herself. But after our practical effects failed to pan out at 2:15AM in a field full of cow crap, we decided to sleep on it, and figure out another plan of attack for the next night’s shoot.

We wrapped on the Amongst the Giants music video the next night and then began shooting the last scenes of the story in Wolves. As it turns out, we gained access to a large bonfire on private property that was just waiting to be burned. Dodging the patchy rain with the camera gear we played out the rest of our story in the open field.

Honea finally meets face to face with Little Red. We see Honea with a torch close up, as he stares forward, Little Red leans in with her wolf mask on. This is the first time we see her with the mask on, revealing her true identity. Then as he shifts hands with the torch Little Red appears without the mask. This illustrates the two faced nature of toxic people. This shot actually contains the first of two special visual effects in the music video. As Little Red leans in with the mask, Honea’s nose begins to bleed. Once Little Red appears without the mask, the blood retreats back into his nose. Just an added effect to illustrate the strain it has on us, even if we’re zoned out.

Towards the end of film you’ll see the second effect. If you look closely, as the 2 parties walk towards each other, you can see 5 sets of eyes emerge from the shadows behind them. This is the showdown, the pack is closing in to watch. Little Red is now 100% the Wolf. Honea recognizes the Wolf’s intention and cuts her out of his life by shoving her into the fire. If you look carefully, as the mask is burning there’s a quick flicker of Little Red with the torch without a mask. This symbolizes the hope that we all have of being better and making the choice to let go of our own actions. We don’t have to be toxic.




Executive Producer: Joseph Rojas

Producer: Joel Burris

Director: Joel Burris

Male Searcher: Josh Honea

Wolf / Little Red: Adrienne Beacco

AD: Austin Lavoie

DOP: Joel Burris

Camera A: Joel Burris

BTS CAMERA: Adrienne Beacco

Editor: Joel Burris

Graphics: Joel Burris