"HATCHET" As We Ascend LIVE Performance Film

First of all, we can't say enough about the guys in As We Ascend (hereafter referred to as AWA). To say that working alongside them on this project was a breeze would be an immense understatement. Also, should someone ask me "Who the most laid back rockstar that you've personally met before" I would have no trouble in answering. Hands down Justin Forshaw. This guy emits style points like it was nothing. No sweat. Chill. Thing is, he can be intense just standing there - the likes of which, I personally haven't seen since Brad Noah toured with Disciple. Then there's Jake Jones. This guy tops the friendly scale in a whole new way. Always smiling and intently focused on what you're saying - truly grateful for your support and as a fan in the crowd, you feel like he's noticed you and is grateful for your attendance. That’s a rare quality to legitimately and humbly possess in this industry my friends.

For this particular shoot we decided to invest in a new cine lens. The City Rockfest Tour light show is always great but having the extra room that a T1.5 gives is in valuable in low light situations. AJ rocked this 24mm T1.5 Rokinon on stage right with one of our Sony cameras. Needless to say we were thoroughly pleased with the result. 

For this particular shoot, we took everything. If you're an electrician, please don't have a panic attack but I had a total of 19 electrical plug-ins happening. The real reason for sharing this is simply to show off the epicly soft rug my wife bought for my office at home. Shameless I know, but wives deserve way more attention than they're given!

To wrap this up, we at ATD want to say thank you so much for your support of ATD, and the bands that we work with. In this instance AWA on their first run with City Rockfest Tour. Just remember, if you see an ATD Film Crew shirt at a show, know that we're there working, so please bear with us and our "through the crowd" movements. Most importantly, if you see us working, know that we support that band and what they're doing!



Director: Joel Burris

Camera A: Joel Burris

Camera B: Austin Lavoie

Camera C: Nate Perkins

Camera D: Asher Perkins

Editor: Joel Burris