"Virtual Reality" | Chaotic Resemblance | Music Video


This was a great shoot. Rolling up on set without having seen the location before was a real challenge but we rolled with the punches and gave it everything we had! With schedule adjustments and our time being short, we got straight to work.

It was very important to Travis (vocals) that everything point back to Jesus and the power of the cross. With their sole input as the backbone of the story we shot exactly what they were looking for - a comedic take on real struggles that people are sometimes oblivious to. From that standpoint the band ferociously attacks the false perceptions with relentless and thrashing riffs - all without losing their comedic side. The moral of the story here, "The perceived reality and what we are really experiencing are often vastly different."

Goofball story laid over a stripped down intense performance, this was a serious shoot, but not without deliberate goofing off. If dousing DonnieSixx (bass) in Febreze wasn't enough, they certainly made up for it in smashing a TV and nearly cracking the foundation in the process.

All in all it was a great time and they couldn't be happier with the end result!



Story: Rocky McConnell

Director: Joel Burris

Camera A: Joel Burris

Camera B: Austin Lavoie

Grip: Ryan Hinkston

Editor: Joel Burris