Seventh Day Slumber "Bring It On" LIVE

Dead set in the middle of the 2018 City Rockfest Tour in the heart of the country, Seventh Day Slumber stands up tall with their live hit "Bring It On." This fight anthem challenges all oppressors and the underdogs to step up.

We always have a blast when Seventh Day Slumber is involved. Whether its the jokes from JoeRoe, the pranks by Blaise, the witty banter from Ken, or the hair tips from Jeremy, we're in for a good time. We love these guys and it would be an awesome thing if you'd check them out at

Filmed in Joplin, MO and Akron, OH.


Director: Joel Burris

Camera A: Joel Burris

Camera B: Nate Perkins

Camera C: Austin Lavoie

Camera D: Chris Richard

Camera E: Landon Martinez

Editor Joel Burris