Fireflight "I Won't Look Back" Lyric Film

Let me tell you, this was a blast to create! In communicating back and forth remotely with the Glenn and the band, it was clear the vision was to take the album cover and bring it to life. The inspiration behind this song is so powerful. Frontwoman Dawn Michele had this to say about the song: 

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy," JOHN 10:10. Living in a culture that is often infiltrated by predators and wolves in sheep’s clothing, far too many have had their innocence stolen and dignity diminished. Silenced by fear, victims of sexual assault have been left shrouded in darkness with feelings of isolation and an understanding that no one is willing to fight for them. We, as a body of believers, must rise up and advocate for all those who have been used, marginalized, and taken advantage of. God doesn't want His children to live the rest of their lives trapped in the past, living as victims of tragedy and abuse.

A few special effects were used and created for this lyric film. For a closer look, check out some of the Behind the Scenes action!

Thats a Wrap!



Actress: Rebekah Williams

Actor: Asher Perkins

Director: Joel Burris

Editor: Joel Burris

Camera Op: Nate Perkins

Camera Op: Joel Burris

BTS Photographer: Ashley Biddle