Seventh Day Slumber "Into the Fire" Lyric Film

We had a blast creating this Lyric Film for our great friends in Seventh Day Slumber. We love those guys and this was our first official project for the band itself. We've had the honor of working around them and for the City Rockfest Tour. We look forward to a great relationship and many projects with Joseph Rojas and the rest of the Seventh Day Slumber gang! 


Below are the two storyboards we had for the shoot. Obviously some of the ideas weren't used or were tweeked entirely, but this is a cool and unique look at the Preproduction process!


Check out some of these behind the scenes photos we took onset while shooting!The weather was absolutely crazy. We had to deal with crazy rain and downpours one night, to a blizzard the next night. 50 mph winds, sub zero wind chills and blinding snow brought down the drone right after this clip. But not to worry we recovered and thawed out. Then we set fire in the shape of a a warm up. All safety precautions were utilized. :-)


An awesome effect we couldn't prolong enough to actually make it into the film, but a cool shot regardless. Look for it in the future!

Nate reviewing and ensuring the settings are on point for the next take. 

Nate reviewing and ensuring the settings are on point for the next take. 

C-PAN and Sony a6300



"Filming this video was a great experience. Not only is ATD very professional, but they’re also a lot of fun. If we weren’t laughing or joking about something, Joel and his team were doing everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and safe. It was obvious the whole time that the main goal was to honor God and convey the message of Hope. This will always be a memory I cherish."

- Cayla Bankson


Director: Joel Burris

Director of Photography: AJ Lavoie

Acting Talent: Cayla Bankson

Editor: Joel Burris

Camera Op: Joel Burris

Camera Op: AJ Lavoie

Special Effects Coordinator: Nate Perkins