Disciple Teaser: "Long Live the Rebels" Kickstarter Film

Probably the proudest moment of ATD's career at this point. This film was very dear to my heart and we worked closely with Kevin and Josiah of Disciple to make sure we got the feel down. We spent 2 days and 3 nights on the road with Disciple touring the midwest and seeing the very thing they talk about in this film.

Oh and by the way, the best sleep you'll ever get is on a tour bus. It's like a coffin. For real though, make sure you lay with your feet towards the front of the bus, otherwise Joey West will wake you up in the middle of the night and tell you to turn around. When you ask why, he'll inform you its because if they slammed on the brakes, it could snap my kneck. I politely (and embarassingly) said thanks for the heads up, rolled out of the casket, stood up in my boxers, turned around, laid in the floor, and rolled back into sweet bliss. The hum of Prevost is a peaceful lullaby I'll never forget.

Souls. Right before our eyes. There's no story manipulation here. There's no faking. 100% genuine. These dudes are the real McCoy. This film helped them raise $120,00.00+ on kickstarter. Glory to God!


Camera Op 1: Joel Burris

Camera Op 2: Nate Perkins

Director / Producer: Joel Burris

Voice Talent: Kevin Young

Music Composition: Josiah Prince

Mastering: Josiah Prince