"SHINE" - After Grace Music Video

Lemme just tell you, this was a LONG shoot. 2 hour drive to location, hour and a half wait, 20 minute drive to shoot location. On location we constructed set, nearly melted the walls with the 1.61 Jiggawats of light power we put out, and came out with an AWESOME result! Hard work, a good resourceful crew makes all the difference in the world! 

Fun Fact: this set is actually in the basement of the drummer's house. And those pallet walls? Yeah its really ONE pallet wall that we shot and moved to the other side. For the "look through" shots, we used a single pallet placed between the talent and the camera.



Camera Op 1: Joel Burris

Camera Op 2: Ryan Hinkston

Editor: Joel Burris

Construction: Chris Hickman

Catering: Whitney Hickman and dogs. :)