"Riot Anthem" - Chaotic Resemblance LIVE


This was a fun shoot with a few challenges presented. As with any project, we overcame them and produced a kick butt live performance film for Chaotic Resemblance!

We found out the shoot was a go just 2 hours before the show started, and they were the opening act! God intervened and made filming a possiblity. One of our cameras went down just before the show, so we actually borrowed a photographers camera to make the stage left angle happen. 

Even though we faced challenges, we overcame! Best of all, we are stoked to have begun a friendship with these guys! #getthehellout!


Director: Joel Burris

Rear Camera Op: Nate Perkins

Stage Right Camera Op: Asher Perkins

Stage Left Camera Op: Chris Richard

Aux Camera: Nate Perkins

Concert Photography: Ashley Biddle

Drum GoPro footage provided by: Jon Jakway

Editor: Joel Burris