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Well, my name's Nathaniel. I went by that for the longest time, but then I moved from California to Missouri and people started calling me "Nuhthaaanyull". So now I go by Nate.

Film is my life. I live it. I breath it. I tend to focus on perfecting the in-camera look and take on the role of Director of Photography on set. Lighting is everything. When you realize that and have nothing, you get creative. This is really how I got started in filmmaking. Taking nothing and making something - and moving people by doing it.

This passion has taken me to many industries. Lawn care, real estate, industrial, transportation, and pizza. Yes pizza. I made pizza videos for a living and it took care of my family of seven for 3 years. It was epic.

My take-away is this: if you are passionate about filmmaking, you'll make videos about anything - just to keep doing what you love.