What is a Lifetime Film? Its just that, a film spanning the lifetime of a single person. Through the art of film, we'll capture someone's memories and their legacy will last forever.

Its an investment. A movie version of an autobiography. Photos, home videos, testimonies, LIFE. 


These films capture the essence of someone's being. A great gift for an anniversary, birthday, long-time employee, or Christmas! Since they have to be involved, we'll make the gift giving portion, something tangible that is exciting!


Even though its not the sole reason people want to do a lifetime film, we do have several inquiries for films about people who suffer from an illness. Cancer, alzheimers, dimentia, and other destructive diseases are common causes for wanting to capture someone's life memories before its too late. Because of this, when you book a lifetime film, we will make a donation in honor of the person you're filming, to the charity of your choice!


Well we're glad you asked! Firstly, if you'd be so kind to fill out the form, we'll get in touch shortly to get the ball rolling! But, just so you know what our process looks like, we'll break it down for you:

Once we hear from you, we'll do our very best to find out as much as possible about the person whose life story we've been entrusted to tell. We consider it a great honor and do not take it lightly - the priviledge of getting to know someone in detail. 

When we've gathered enough information to start planning, we'll give you a task to complete while we search for the appropriate location(s) to shoot. That task is simple in nature, but vitally important. We'll need you to go through old photos and home videos, and label them: date, people in photo, location, or memory associated.* Then we'll have you break down the lifetime into decades or sections with bullet points for memories. This helps the organic nature of the film flow when someone remembers details for the first time in awhile. 

Once we've got everything lined out, we'll film in a location that's appropriate to the character of the person whose life story we're telling. If Butch was an avid outdoorsman, we might film his interview in the woods. If Olivia was a home-maker, we'd shoot in the bedroom with a sewing machine. If Eula was the local librarian, or a bookworm in general, we'd film her in the library. John Henry was a farmer, his story is told in a barn.

We'll package everything together and deliver a final film that meets our standards. This is an investment into the lifetime someone has lived. We will take the time to ensure it is made properly! Finally, once its complete, grab the tissues and we'll come debut the film either on location, or at your home. We'll celebrate with you the life of someone great!


*we request that the photos be in a digital file format, or physical copies. We'll return the photos/videos when the film is complete, but we cannot be held liable for originals.