If your business doesn’t utilize the power of video - you are behind the competition!

So you've got a business and you know it needs to go to the next level. We can help! Whether you've got a new product to highlight, a new campaign to push, or you need to train employees - ATD is your solution! Still not convinced? Here's some statistics to help:

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Video is 90% of all internet traffic.

93% of online marketers use video content.

65% of people visit a website after watching a video.

87% of people on social media follow brand videos.

Posts with videos attract 5x the customers.

Social Video Marketing gets you:

·       More clicks

·       Greater exposure

·       Customer engagement

·       46% higher conversions

·       139% greater impact on brands



We offer video production to meet your needs. We do put a high emphasis on relationships with our clients. So we offer a few ways to meet your needs.

  1. Retainers: this gives you a peace of mind knowing that we undertand what makes your company unique AND we're available whenever you need. Much cheaper than hiring a full-time media team to pay salaries and benefits!

  2. Single Project: this method is great if you have a single project that you may need done every few months.

  3. Campaigns: this method is great for people who have a specific goal set that is centrally themed for a defined period of time.


  • Advertising Campaign Media

  • Welcome / Overview Video

  • Promotional Films

  • Vision Casting Films

  • Product Videos

  • Video Infographics

  • Introductory Videos

  • TV / WEB Commercials

  • Real Estate Property Films

  • Training Videos (single)

  • Training Videos (continuous)

  • Blog & Social Media Videos

  • Tutorial & Instructional Videos

Real Estate

Introduce yourself to potential clients with a professional greeting. In addition, showcase the homes you're selling in glorious 4k footage - the only proper way to show a house! Special bundle packages available for Realtors with 5+ homes listed. 


Effectively communicate with your audience with video as well as written word! Social media product / recipe blogs are taking over the internet! Are you part of the revolution? Speciala bundle packages available for blogs filming 3 posts at once.