We are so excited to be offering Birth documentation!  We've caught the stork bug and have fallen in love with capturing the movement and emotion of labor and delivery, as well as baby's first breath and first cry this way.  

What if you were able to really see what it was like when you were born? What if you heard your first breath? That gasp of air as your lungs filled with purity the first time. That first cry fills the room as not one eye is left dry. You can't go back in time, but you can capture your baby's first moments of life. Relive the small things, feel the deep emotions again. Allow your child to experience it when they come of age. 

FAQs about Birth Documentation

  • Question: Do you show nudity in your films and photos?
    • We don't show any lower nudity - ever. We do have some mom's that request the incredible organic nature of breastfeeding and this documents as it happens. 
  • Question: What happens when I go into labor?
    • We are on call 24/7 from week 38 on. So simply call us, and we're on our way! If you have a scheduled induction, let us know and we'll make it happen. If you have the risk of early delivery, we can make arrangements to be on call as early as 36 weeks. 
  • Question: Do you have a male or female photographer and videographer?
    • We have a female photographer, but our videographer is male. We take all steps to ensure you are comfortable and treat you with the utmost dignity. Our goal is to have you forget we are there.
  • Question: Do you direct me at all?
    • Once the labor process begins we do not. The only "directing" would occur in the weeks before and after labor. During labor, we are strictly there to "observe" and document. You won't hear a peep from us. We believe this to be an intimate moment for the parents and child(ren). We treat it as we would a wedding. You'll see us, but we do not interfere in anyway.
  • Question: Where do you film at? Hospitals? Clinics? My home?
    • We film wherever you give birth! (Just hopefully not the car! :) ) But in reality, some birth venues and doctors do not allow documentation and we must legally abide by their terms and conditions at all times. But we will determine that very early on.
  • Question: Do you do bulk pricing?
    • Absolutely! When you contact us, we'll take all of your desires and put together a custom package just for you. We do discount more and more when you book a more in depth documentation.

SERVICES WE OFFER: (based on pregnancy timeline)

WEEK 34-39:

  • Maternity Documentation
    • Photography Session
    • Film Session*
  • In-Home Preparatory:
    • Nursery Photography Session
    • Nursery Film Session*
  • Pre-Birth Family Member Interviews*
  • On Call from Week 38 on. (Week 36 for high risk mothers)


  • Drive to hospital (with adequate notification)
    • Photography Capture
    • Film Capture*
  • Arrival, Labor, Delivery Events
    • Photography Capture
    • Film Capture*

AFTER BIRTH (at Hospital or Birthplace):

  • Breastfeeding / Skin-to-Skin Bonding
    • Photography Capture
    • Film Capture*
  • Extended Family First Impressions
    • Photography Capture
    • Film Capture*


  • Family Interviews and Home Adjusting
    • Photo Capture
    • Film Capture*
    • This is a separate film for the child to watch when he comes of age. This is a great way for elderly grandparents and other family members to remain part of the child's life. A great way to celebrate the journey that is life!


*requires purchase of a film package